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With the drastic evolution of the modern tech stack over the last few years, cloud-based services and tools now power everything from fundamental infrastructure to communication to cybersecurity. GRC programs have had to keep pace and many are still playing catch up—what a gamble.

Join us on ♦️♣️ August 16th at 3PM ET (12 PM PT) ♥️♠️ as our expert panel delves into the high-stakes world of cloud dependency and the impact on your GRC initiatives.

Don't leave it to chance–it's time to place your bets and secure your GRC program in the cloud.

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What You'll Learn

We're laying all our cards on the table, exposing the risks that come with leveraging the cloud services in a modern tech stack to power your operations and showing you how to stack the odds in your favor. We'll cover:

  • Vulnerabilities and threats that occur when moving your data and systems to the cloud
  • How a strong risk management strategy and proactive security measures are your best bet
  • Practical advice and proven techniques to protect your GRC program in the ever-changing cloud environment
  • Why embracing compliance, privacy, and data integrity will be your winning hand

As the chips fall, we'll also reveal the cutting-edge trends and advancements in cloud technology so you can stay ahead of the curve and learn how to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. 

Meet the Experts

We've compiled a panel of experts to share their knowledge on all the latest developments in cloud security and how to safeguard your GRC initiatives. 

Michael Rasmussen

Founder & Analyst
at GRC 20/20 Research


Michael Rasmussen is an internationally recognized pundit on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). With 30+ years of experience, Michael helps organizations improve GRC processes and choose technologies that are effective, efficient, and agile. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, author, and advisor and is noted as the “Father of GRC” — being the first to define and model the GRC market in 2002 while at Forrester.

James Darby

Founding Member
at Sevco Security


James Darby is a Founding Member at Sevco Security, Inc. Sevco is a cybersecurity products and services company bringing together an elite team of security experts to solve very large and complex problems simply and elegantly. Sevco’s mission is to simplify and contextualize cyber IT.

Richa Tiwari

Director of Compliance Operations
at TrustCloud


Richa Tiwari is a seasoned professional with over 10+ years of enabling customers with the GRC implementation. She currently serves as Director of Compliance Operations at TrustCloud, where she helps customers to achieve revenue generating compliance and transparently share their security posture. She is also a board member for the North Texas Chapter of  ISSA and Director for SIG (Special Interest Group) CyberWIDE that works for promoting inclusion and diversity within cybersecurity.