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Free SOC 2 Readiness for Startups 

Immediately, you'll be able to create your free account and get access to a platform that provides:

 CheckmarkShield_ora  SOC 2, Type I and II readiness (completely for free)

 CheckmarkShield_ora   AI to answer security questionnaires quickly and accurately

 CheckmarkShield_ora   Public portal to share your compliance posture with ease

 CheckmarkShield_ora   Risk register to track, identify, and mitigate risks 

Onboard Yourself in 7 Minutes (or less!)

1. Tell us about your company and how you currently manage security by answering a few simple questions.

2. Describe your tech stack including your cloud infrastructure services to set yourself up for automation across the board.

3. Define your SOC 2 scope by identifying tools and services in your tech stack that store or process important data.

Fast growing startups like you use TrustCloud to achieve SOC 2

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What our free SOC 2 customers think.

From healthcare to finance and everything in between, TrustCloud is here to get you SOC 2 ready.


Best-In-Class Integrations

Below are just a few of our most common integrations that will help shave hours off audit prep.

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TrustCloud Starter Tier

For startups under 20 employees aiming to achieve SOC 2, close enterprise deals, and put a comprehensive GRC program in place.

Compliance Audit Readiness

  • SOC 2 Type 1 / Type 2 audit readiness
  • Testing and evidence integrations
  • Employee policy attestation workflows
  • Automated risk register

Sales Acceleration

  • Real-time, auto-generated trust portal (see ours!)
  • AI to answer 2 security questionnaires
  • Automated NDA and document watermarking
  • Chrome extension

Business Support

  • 6 month data retention for audits
  • 2-day first response SLA on email support
  • SSO via Google and Microsoft

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we're a startup ourselves, we understand how challenging becoming compliant can be. We believe security should be accessible to all startups, and our free tier allows you to build a strong foundation of readiness for both SOC 2, types 1 & 2. You qualify for our free tier as long as your company size is 20 employees or less.

Yes, with TrustCloud you'll be able to get completely audit ready for SOC 2 for free. Our free tier also includes the ability to answer security questionnaires with AI-powered and accurate responses, and share your compliance posture easily through your very own TrustShare portal.

Yes, we take data privacy very seriously. To prove it, you can see how secure we are by checking out our security and compliance program status below: 

Yes, we work with multiple audit firms and will ensure you have the best experience possible throughout your audit and after. 
Check out some of them here.

Yes, our TrustShare portal allows you to showcase your progress towards audits, policies, monitored controls, as well as attestations and certifications you already hold. Check ours out to see what it's like!  

Many startups tried to manage their compliance manually using spreadsheets and consultants, which is painful, expensive, and time-consuming.

With TrustCloud, you can automate up to 80% of tools and processes - including evidence collection and workflows - all for free.