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TrustShare: The Fastest Way to Pass Security Reviews

Spend less time on security questionnaires, and more time growing your business

  • Dramatically reduce time spent on security questionnaires
  • Securely share your trust portal with prospects and partners
  • Leverage rigorously tested AI to pre-fill questionnaires
  • Avoid the hassle of maintaining a knowledge base or configuring a tool designed for RFPs






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Oort Slashes Security Questionnaire Response Time with Kintent


Easily Pass Security Reviews from Fortune 500 Companies

Live Trust Portal

Make a great impression right from the start

With a TrustShare portal, you can instantly showcase your security posture with a dynamically updated page on your website, customized to match your company branding

Your customers, prospects and partners can find the information they need, so you can close deals faster and spend less time answering questionnaires.

Questionnaire Automation

Complete security questionnaires faster than ever before

Leveraging your own security program and previously answered questionnaires, TrustShare uses AI trained on tens of thousands of questions to pre-fill answers with a high degree of confidence

You can review and assign remaining questions with an intuitive interface, so collaboration is a breeze.

Administrative Control Center

Securely share information with the right people

The admin control center allows you to tailor access to sensitive documents, and embed NDA signature into the workflow for added peace of mind.

Your prospects and customers easily get the information the need, and your teams don't have to spend time updating spreadsheets or emailing important files.